Inspired by my cat Lou. who invites love, curiosity and inspiration into my life.



The daughter of two artists,   I lived my life surrounded by the arts. I tried my hand at everything they put in front of me, trying to capture that magic that they  seemed to possess.

My journey took me to some amazing places, including the renowned Parsons The New School for Design. After my time there, I relocated to the heart of the Florida swamp. I found myself under the instruction of renowned artist, jeweler Stefanis Alexandres. It was also around this time that I opened my home to a rambunctious little cat named Louie, who was an unexpected source of inspiration.
Louie’s curiosity caused me to take notice of things I’d normally over look, like shadows and beams of sunlight. This, partnered with my minimalist aesthetic, love of geometric shapes and nature, is the inspiration for my work. 

About me photo
Geometry and nature are major inspirations for my work.